Monday, December 22, 2008

Bring on the HollyDaze!

Christmas is just around the corner and we're busily planning away for the new season. The recent bad weather has kept us inside... lots of trainer time for me and lots of general cleaning on the house. I'll have to snap a picture of our Christmas lights tonight and see if I can post it.

Hmm... will see if I can do that...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A bittersweet race...

a short update on my itouch...

Painfully slow swim with currents stronger than me put me behind schedule on day 1... Hit the bike hard but after the big climb I started to black out (dehydration and neck cramping from swim) (freaked out marsha a bit). By the time I recovered I could not make the cutoff so I rode until I wrapped my head around another unofficial finish, and resolved to give of all the next two days. Got in the car around mile 55 with a smile.

Ate well on bike and at dinner!

Day 2 I had a blast on the bike!!! Rocked the downhill, awed by the scenery, ate a ton, grinned all the way across the course. PR for the day and rode pretty relaxed. Another good dinner.

Day 3 I stuck to the plan running 8n2s. It was ugly at times and I really spent my bank but I did it!!! 11:45.

Drew, Marsha, and Robin were an incredibly solid crew and I absolutely could not have done it without them;)!!

2 days later and I'm still in a bit of pain, sad the season is over, bummed about the swim, but thrilled with the bike and run. One last day in Kona with my Ultraman buddies and then we fly home this evening.

I'll rest for a few weeks and wrap my head around it all, then time to get rolling on to the next adventure.

Thank you to all got the support and good thoughts!