Friday, January 3, 2014

Ending the year on my feet

My office was closed between Christmas and New Years so I conned hubby into heading down to Phoenix to do the Race Across the Years.  It's a runners party disguised as an ultra race.  A 1.055 mile lap through Camelback Ranch (where the Dodgers and White Sox do their spring training).  I signed up for the 48 hour race with the hope of getting the 100 mile belt buckle and calling it a day (technically I could only go 44 hours and make my return flight).  Hubby signed up for the more aggressive 24 hour race.

So, a great dinner with friends the night before then at 9am lined up at the start.  Did a casual wog (run a bit, walk a bit, repeat) chatting with folks and watching the fast guys tear up the course.  Several fast guys took it out, but dropped out around 40 miles but they were fun to watch while they were out there.  The weather during the days was terrific, warm but overcast...  The aid station was awesome.  

Sun down and the cold started to set in.  Went 15 miles or so with Drew who was doing the math and decided 100 was out of reach and fun was not being had so decided to call it.  Kept going around.  Felt sorry for myself, and my feet were getting rough. Got COLD.  Eventually decided to hit the car, curl up, and take a nap.  A little after sunrise (maybe 4.5 hours of rest) I woke up and Drew talked me into heading back out. 

Getting started again was... Interesting.  But, eventually I loosened up and got back to a wog.  Stopped at the blister tent and got fixed up, but that resulted in another long painful startup.  Mid day I stopped to get rocks out and decided that the startup was too painful, so there would be no more stops.

Sunset again, add on some clothes but could see the end in sight.  Had some great company in the last few hours and they went by nicely, then 36:06 after I started I finally ticked over 100.8 miles.  The buckle was mine!

A great close to the year and the season, easy enough for a short recovery (Tampa Double is in 8 weeks) but... My first 100 miler!  Sweet!  Was also a terrific way to let go of all of the stress and reflect on the year... and I have a sweet belt buckle!

Bring on 2014!!!!

Go long,