Friday, February 20, 2009

Drew and Sebring

Ha, second post in 2 or 3 weeks, craziness. So Sebring was last week as you may have seen from Leslie's post. I went and rode mostly because we were there for Leslie and it's always easier for me to do the event than to watch it. Started off pretty good, some crazy paceline for the 1st 3 laps on the track. Eventually got close to the front and it was a tandem setting the pace with 3 recumbants following closely. I sat there for a lap and a half or so and then tried to prepare for the exit off the track and no more drafting. I'd say once on the open road the lead pack was 60 or so and then I was off the back easily 300 yards. After 30 miles the lead group was out of sight and there were 2 guys just up the road that had passed me and were solo, so I figured I was maybe in the top 5 or so maybe, didn't really matter. Hit the turnaround and filled my bottles back up and asked how many solo RAAM folks had been through, 19, no f'n way, they're all drafting. I was a little put out by that while I was riding back but put it out of my mind since I wasn't really planning to win coming in not to mention it is the middle of February. Got back to the track and was feeling a little fried, took on most of a coke and part of a sandwich and headed out for a few laps of the smaller loop. Coming on my second loop I saw leslie heading out and was wondering if she was just starting her 1st small loop or what. The issue really should have been maybe I rest, na. So back out and see leslie at the end but a little farther out of the turnaround than last time, hmmmmm. I stopped and pulled out the chair and sat in the shade for maybe 30-45 minutes, leslie came in stopped and grabbed some coke. I said I was only going to do a few more laps and probably pack it in, I just was fried and didn't see much point in tapping/taxing my body so early in the season for a race that I really wasn't racing. So I went out and rode with leslie for part of the next lap and I think I did one more then waited for her to come in. Leslie put on her lights and I said I would wait til she got back and on the track before I moved the vehicle and got more coke & ice. She left and yelled at me a couple minutes later as she went by on the track already. Anyway, long story short I got in a hair over 170 miles and although I wasn't too happy with it and how I felt it was probably wiser considering I have another long season planned again.

Back home I was a bit tired on Monday but needed to get in the 16 mile run I missed on Sunday since we were travelling back. Ouch, that run hurt and my calves are sore as a result, the first time this year. I don't think it was the extra 2 miles from last weeks 14 miles to this weeks 16 miles, probably more like the tired legs from the ride. After all my longest ride was 60-70 miles going into that 170. Now by the end of the week my legs are coming around I think and we'll see how they do tomorrow at the 10 mile race I have. At tomorrow's race I'm hopeing for 7 minute mile average or better and I will feel like I'm on track.

Oh, so I owe you photos of the new cross bike.

And while I'm at it I'll show the new wheels on the Pinarello that Leslie gave me for Christmas.

Well til next time.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sebring 24 Hour road race

It was a pretty good day…

Race started at 6:30am with 3 laps around the race track (3.7 miles) of fast and furious and I tried not to look at the 21mph my odometer was showing… chatted with some folks, watched the fog rolling around and the sun coming up. After that we went out on a 90+ mile jaunt through the countryside. I settled in and tried to ride steady but comfy. Very cool riding in shorts and a jersey and being warm! Very cool seeing all the orange groves and watching folks harvesting the oranges. Sipped on InfinIT and at 2 hours ate a payday. Pretty yummy! Only bad is that my bike is creaking. No idea what. Stopped at one point and reseated the front wheel but that didn't fix it. Creak creak creak.. Every pedal stroke. Old bike in humidity?

Turn around (bananna) and back and oh, there's some wind. That's okay, I'm used to wind. Kept on riding and enjoying the day. I haven’t been riding my aerobars enough in training lately so I could only handle 15 minutes at a stretch before I got uncomfortable. Need to work on that! Good news is that I stood up for a few minutes on a hill and sat back down and my creak was GONE! Sweet! Put in a earbud and enjoy the tunes. There were a bunch of hawks riding the thermals and they were sweet to watch!

Miles 90-100 seemed to take forever going into the headwind. Finally got back to the car and stopped for a shorts change, a coke, and some bananna/vanilla wafer pudding (YUM! This was the food score of the race, went down easy and tasted great!). After about 15 minute break hopped back on the bike and started in on the 11 mile laps. Saw Drew as I headed out and he was coming back in, big wave.

The 11 mile lap was 4 miles of headwind, some cross, and then a nice tail. So, 20 minutes of work, 20 minutes of relax. Stop at the bathroom, and back out again. Saw Drew coming in again, and he made the hand across the throat motion… uh oh. Around the loop and came in and Drew is sitting in a chair looking mighty relaxed. He's pooped, and not sure he wants to continue. I hit the bathroom again and he's on his bike and we ride out together. Chat a bit, then he takes off. 2 more laps in and he's decided to call it a day. Good for me, I now have a crew!

Around 5pm I come in and eat part of a sandwich and put on my lights. Drew is going to go get coke and ice and then move the car to the pit area of the track. Get ready to go out and get directed to the track, so I'm in for 3.7 miles loops for the night.

Night is LONG in February, over 12 hours of dark. I rigged up a keylight LED to point to my odometer, which gave me feedback on time and speed. Sweet. Round and round the track. 2 stretches of headwind, a few stretched of tail, and lots of cross. The track is a F1 track, not an oval but some sorta weird shape with 11 turns or so. Round and round. Stop every 4 laps for a bite, or a drink. The bathroom was off the pit area so wasted time every 4 laps or so there too. Put on too many clothes and stopped 4 laps later to lighten up a tad.

Got some serious heartburn in the 18 hours range that refused to go away. Made drinking and eating unpleasant. Next time DO NOT FORGET drugs for this! After 20 hours or so I really lost focus. It’s early season and all (and my longest ride to date is 6 hours) but looking back today I'm disappointed in the lack of drive. Kept going around. 21 hours in the bike creak came back… crap. Creak creak creak, every pedal stroke. 23 hours in the fog rolled in and I knew I had less than 4 laps to go. Should of pushed them, but just pedaled instead. Stopped at 23:45, because partial laps don't count. 326 miles. (21:15 ride time, wasted 2:30 on stops… 5 minutes stopping every hour through the night = 1 hour easily wasted with no good reason). Placed 4th (last) in my age group, but I didn’t get embarrassed… will analyze the results when they come out. Maybe 6th of 9 women.

So. I'm generally pleased. Although I did lose focus, I didn’t pack it in and that's good. My body held up reasonably well (need better padded gloves, continue with the core work, and my pinky toes didn’t wake up til today). My quads are sore today, and I'm pretty tired (long travel day back yesterday getting home at 2am with misc sleep on the planes).

And so, a pretty easy week this week and the journey continues. I'll be doing another 24 hour race in Davis in May and will shoot for 350 miles as my minimum distance and to finish that last few hours STRONG.

Ride on…


OCN: 1698 miles so far this year

Pics will be posted to "the blog" when I get them…

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Off to Sebring

We're off to Florida today for the 24 Hours of Sebring. I'm feelling pretty stoked for this race, it's early season and my longest ride is only 6 hours, but it's also Forida and 80 degrees and flat... So, I'l give it my best shot (as usual) and set the bar for the Davis 24 Hour race in May.

Goal: 325 miles
Stretch goal: 350 miles
Will be bummed if less than: 300 miles

Plus, we'll get a chance to hang out with Marsha and Robin , who are 2 of my favorite people, so looking forward to a fun weekend!!!

Ride hard!

1348 miles so far this year...

Monday, February 2, 2009

1001 miles!

I did it! 1001 miles in January, my biggest month ever.

Now, if I can only do that in under 3 days 20 hours this RAW race is in the bag!