Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bring on 2010!!!!

It's been way too long since we've posted... but it's because nothing but the usual good life is happening. We had a lovely holiday season, and are now back to training like mad, working hard, and loving every day of warm weather that happens (somewhat frequent in Colorado in the winter, but rare enough to be special).

I started to update the race schedule for this season... will add to it gradually. It's the usual craziness for me, lots of fun ultracycling events. And, for Drew it's two solid chances to qualify for "The Ironman" at St George and at Canada.

First race is coming Valentines Day weekend. 24 Hours of Sebring for me, and 12 for Drew. Last year I did some 325 miles, so this year I'll set my goal at 330, my Stretch goal at 350, and my must do or I'll be irritated at 310. I'm feeling pretty good. It's hard to truly build mileage this time of year, but I have several 6-8 hour rides under my belt and will be starting the year off with a 1000+ mile January again so we'll see! It's really just a great chance to soak in some Florida sun and hang out with Marsha and Robin!

Beginning to begin to plan for the Race Around Ireland. My crew is coming together... and I'm at least starting to wrap my head around the logistics of a 5 day, 1350mile race in another country.

More "soon"...