Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh yeah, so the tasks at hand. For starters this spot is going to be a "what are the Holton's doing now" thing.

It's been kind of crazy for the last 2 weeks or so. Of course, didn't get interviewed or make the short list for Evotri. Then I proceeded to get slammed at work on proposals (I digress). So I've been in a kind of forced taper for Boston. Boston is on Monday, we leave Saturday, and I'm not feeling exacty speedy. So we'll see how Monday goes. Last week our oldest dog (best we can tell maybe 21 years old), Trixie, took a turn. She stopped eating, even her favorites, then almost couldn't stand up on her own. Long story short Leslie was a bit down most of last week, but seems to be doing good now. This week Leslie has become a little concerned over the conditions of the TransIowa race course which we are scheduled to do on the saturday after Boston. I guess someone test rode part of the course as training and what should have been a 2 hr ride ended up being 4 hrs. Yesterday Leslie decide it best to enter the 18 hrs of Fruita, which is 2 weeks after Boston. Not sure if I'm going to do Fruita as well or support her til the sun rises and then go off and do my own training or race in the solo division. Well, I was going to add a picture here but my computer is having issues, so I'll do that next time.

Thanks for check in on what we're doing.

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