Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I miss the pool...

My coach and I had a discussion that went "you know all those hours you spent swimming and biking and running last year? Well, they'll ALL be biking this year"... It's actually the thing she's most worried about for me this year is how to take someone who is used to 20+ hour training weeks in 3 events and move them to 1 event without total burnout.

So... I find I'm craving the pool.

There is something about the way the pool deadens your external senses, especially during long steady efforts... Smell turns to a whiff of chlorine, taste goes away, hearing is splash silence splash, sight is the bottom of the pool then blue then the deck... Even feel goes away after awhile, your skin sensors deaden so it's just water sliding over you...

Swimming takes all that external noise away and it's just my thoughts, my watch, and the continuity that is not boredom but peace.

I got an hour of pool time this month, and I think I'll be getting 2 or
3 next month during recovery from the 24 hours if Sebring...

I didn;t think I would miss it, but I already do.

Wonder how long it will take before I beg for a run?


867 miles of biking so far this year...

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