Monday, April 27, 2009

Our new addition

So Leslie has been squerming for a new dog ever since we had to put Trixie to sleep. It was looking like this summer after her Race Across the West might be the perfect time. Well, of course she can't stop looking at websites and found BigDogsHugePaws. We now are the parents
of Maddy Anna (formerly Anna), she is half Mastiff/half German Shepard, oh yeah she's going to be big. She currently is fascinated by snow and it just so happens to be snowing again today. The other two (Gretchen and Salida) are still not sure what to make of her but are tolerant at this point. Maddy is still quiet shy with them and growls a little. The cats (Kisa and Shu) are having nothing to do with her at this point. So all in all not to bad for 12 hours into her new home, oh and only one accident so far. I'll put up more pictures as she gets more comfortable.


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Poochieheaven said...

Congrats on your new addition!

I have a German Shepherd who is just a lover.