Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Trying to drop some weight

This is a quick one.

So it's been 3 weeks since Ironman Coeur d'Alene with maybe 10 days totally off and then back building back up for a week to 10 days. I was entered in the Boulder Peak Triathlon this past weekend and then I was going to do the Xterra Mountain Cup at Beaver Creek next saturday. Anyway, Friday Leslie and I did the work thing and met some surveyor guys at home. We went back down the hill because we had time and I swam, then ran, and mtb while leslie mtb the whole time. At dinner, my lower abs were a touch sore but nothing really of any concern. Saturday, Patty Jo an ultra cycling friend of ours came into town to visit. We all drove up to Boulder so I could get my race packet stuff. On the drive up there though, I just couldn't get comfortable and kept twisting and turning. I felt like I was having hot flashes. Well I still did a short swim in Boulder Res. and we headed back. Same thing on the drive back, twisting and turning and totally uncomfortable. When we got back Patty Jo & Leslie went mtb and I laid on the couch hoping something would change since I really didn't feel like riding. At dinner I didn't really eat anything.

The ultimatum came as soon as we got home from dinner. If you race you stop if the pain changes or gets worse. If the pain gets worse over night we go to the emergency room. If you still hurt when you wake up you don't race. Well, it seemed to feel worse by the time I went to bed and I really couldn't sleep. The alarm goes off, "No, I'm not racing".

We end up going to the emergency room and after a Cat Scan, they tell us it looks like aqute appendicitis and we've paged the surgeon, that was a little bit of a relief since I didn't want to look stupid when they say "looks like a sever case of gas". I get surgery at 7:30 and I'm back in my room by 8:30. Leslie picks me up on Monday in the afternoon. And now I'm in recovery not allowed to do much of anything and really can't do much of anything because I'm still pretty sore.

Anyway, I'm out of commission for 2 weeks or so until things heal up.


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