Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lance is going to get chic'd!

I get a handicap of finishing under two times his time, right? Off to do the Leadville 100 MTB race on Saturday. (Lance has stated he is going for under 6 hours... me? I'm shooting for under 12)

Training/motivation has been interesting since RAW. It has been fun re-learning how to mountain bike, and rediscovering K... my retro-fun Kestrel CSX non-suspension mountain bike. I've had some great rides where I feel in control and light on my wheels, and some "rides" where I have been in completely over my head and had to push K for miles uphill. I feel pretty strong, and should have the endurance still... but I haven't done a ride longer than 7 hours.

We need to be there early tomorrow to pick up our packets, so the plan is to take a look see at as much of the climbing/downhill as is accessable. I expect that will both give me confidence and increase the fear-load at the same time. But...

I'm going to go into this with the have fun attitude... I'm going to go get greasepaint stickers for under my eyes (like baseball players wear... but the stickers not the grease because as Drew pointed out if I use grease it'll be all over my face by the end)... yeah, that's right. I'll look tough! Just let those boyz try to give me flak... I'll give em a glare and they'll offer to push my bike for me!

I plan on chatting people up as we do the climbs, cheering on the fast guys as they come shooting back towards me (it's an out and back course), and just generally having a blast.

It's going to be good times at 10000 feet!

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