Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Misc ramblings in the off season...

It's been a crazy busy off season... scattered thoughts:

- We're off to Maui tomorrow! Vacation (and maybe a 10K trail run race) for me, and Vacation and Xterra for Drew. Yup... we're on Vacation!

- We did the 24 Hours of Triathlon as part of Team Gu. TOO fun! 3rd place 4 person team and won some sweet new sunglasses...

- We went to Laramie last weekend with the awesome Linda Guerette and rode the Laramie Enduro Course (or as much of it as daylight and bad directions would allow). This race could be a fun one for next year!

- Schedule for next year is slowly coming together as races start to update their websites with dates... One more year as an ultracyclist then it's time to head back to triathlon... Will try to mix in some swimming and running as cross training through 2010 so that it's not such a shock when 2011 rolls around.

- Weight lifting, core strength, and interval training is the mode through November. Leaves me a little time to play, and I'm making the most of it!

And, finally, here's my cool news for October...

Keep on riding!!!