Thursday, July 29, 2010

Leslie & Artemous vs. the Clock & the State of Colorado

I'm inexplicably nervous, but Artemous has his race wheels on and is ready to fly!

Saturday at 3am we will be starting out at the Southern border of Colorado, and heading to the Northern border in an attempt to set the state crossing record. Just us against the clock, with the help of my fabulous crew (Julie, Drew, and Susan as my official). We'll use hubby's car as my follow vehicle with flashing yellow lights on it, a caution bike ahead sign, and coolers of drinks and food in the back. The crew has to follow me in dark, and can leapfrog during the day. This will be a learning experience for us all, and will be invaluable for the Race Around Ireland as they will be crewing there as well.

I spent several hours last week with google maps, and mapmyride and planned a course that takes up up I25 to Pueblo, then hits frontage roads, cuts East of Denver, and heads up I85. The route I came up with is 319 miles, hopefully we can shave a few when we are out there. I am the first in my category to do this (Women under 50). I am expecting this will take 20hours, give or take (hopefully take) 2 hours. Previous record holders have been from 304 to 316.2 miles (not sure how).. maybe my mapping is long. Previous record holders are:
305mi / 23:07 /Men 50-59
311.6mi / 19:37 /M18-49
316.2mi / 22:14 /Men 60-69
310mi / 17:15 /Women 50-59

My SPOT device will be in the follow vehicle, and we may practice some tweeting as well... Live updates will be under Where is Leslie, and the Twitter feed.

Should be an interesting day!

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