Thursday, December 16, 2010


Last weekend we tromped around the forests and found our most awesome 12 foot Charlie-brown Christmas tree...

Tis the season!!!

Since Ireland I took some downtime, and then bought a pair of running shoes, some new goggles, and a swim cap and am starting back down the road of being a traithlete. In November I swam and ran more than I did the entire year before!

It's a fun start to my next adventure... the DecaIronman in November... I feel like I'm carrying a ton of gear in my car, so I can swim, bike, or run at any time, but there's also some nice flexibility. It is hard starting back at square 1, but in just this short time I have see improvements in my speed and endurance.

Have a fabulous Holiday season, and cheers to bringing on a fabulous and fun 2011!!!


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