Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Getting ready for Sicily!!!

Just a month from now I will be doing the DecaIronman in Sicily: http://www.decaironman.com/
  • Last few weeks of hard training.
  • Crewing for Mary Arnold as she did her first Leadville Trail 100 race and watching her smile through a 29:45 was awesome mental schooling.
  • Watching my lil sister finish her first Ironman in Canada last weekend was another inspirational boost! (Go Christie!)
  • Hanging with Drew after he DNF'd at the same race in Canada due to some schlup putting tacks on the bike course and getting two flats... sad and not cool (no Kona qualifying this year). BUT, he's coming to Italy now to be my support crew... will be so awesome to have him there!
I think I'm ready... but how can one really know until day 9? (If I make it to Day 9, I will crawl all of day 10 if needed!)


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