Thursday, June 14, 2012

Desert RATS

Next week, starting Monday I am off doing the Desert RATS race.  This is a 6 stage trail running race along the Kokopelli trail from Fruita, CO to Moab, UT.  The stages are something like 20, 39, 9, 52, 26.2 miles.  Camping each night, and sadly no showers (though we are near the river most nights... Not sure how I feel about that!).  Although I'm still not much of a trail runner, and still nursing my achy soles, I am really looking forward to this challenge as a way to toughen up my mental game and to completely get away from the real world for a week. You can follow the race website (I expect to place near last) at http://geminiadventures.com/new/?page_id=130 And, if you are curious where I am when racing i will carry my SPOT which will be turned on and update my location every 10 minutes along the race course. To see this, follow the Where's Leslie link on the right side. Have a great week, I'll be totally offline mon to sat night! Run long, Leslie

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