Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Not a race, but a set of challenges...

As the 2012 season starts to wrap up, and I looked towards my goals for 2013 I decided that rather than finishing 2012 with a race it makes sense to finish it with three challenges.  So, I consulted with Coach Debi, and with Gu and we came up with this… One challenge a month for the next three months.  The first starts on Friday.

The challenges are:

Bike (50 miles a day): Aug 24 to Sept 2
Doesn’t seem too bad, but recall that I will be working full-time… So, next week I will park 25 miles away and ride from Golden to Louisville, work, then ride back…
Run (13.1 miles per day): Sept 14 to Sept 23 including the Buena Vista Autumn Color Half
Marathon and the Denver Half Marathon
            Hmm… the most physically difficult of these challenges…
Swim (2.4 miles a day, in a pool): Oct 19 to Oct 28
            The least time consuming but will require the most willpower…

As you know, I am a Gu girl, but I focus in on the Just Plain and the Blueberry Pomegranate Roctane… They are sending me all of their flavors for this.  I plan to try a different flavor each day (10 per challenge) and see if I can expand my flavor pallet.  I'll let you know how they taste!

These challenges should set me up mentally and physically for next season, which includes a few Double IMs and the Deca IM in Italy.  I’ll be posting as they go along… anyone want to join me?

Go long!

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