Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A big thank you!

Still spazzy today, but also so grateful to the folks who are making this race happen for me...

  • Drew: Hubby extroidenaire who has put up with my long training and grumpiness and believes without a doubt that I will do this.
  • Michelle: Coach extroidenaire, brain behind my torture sessions but also a fabulous mentor, enforcer of rest days, and believer.
  • Bill, Kate, Lauren, Christie, Larry: The CREW! The folks who will be out there with me, and who will both drive and nuture me to the finish. I sure hope this is going to be a fun week for them!
  • Steven from Kestrel: who made Artemous happen
  • Dennis from Denver Spoke: who made Artemous fit
  • Alec from Big Ring: who makes Artemous work
  • Jasmine from Save the Tata's: laughter heals!
  • My fur family: who rush to welcome me home no matter how sweaty I am

and all my friends and co-workers who have listened to my tales, dealt with my moods, and helped me to remember what it is all really about.



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