Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kick Ass and Take Names!!!!


Only a few more hours. We .......................want to say kick some ass and take names!!!

Don't stop until you're in Taos. At this point it's all mental and turning around is not an option.......all you can do is ride towards the sun.

We got your back !!! Go Mom!!!

The training is in and when the going gets tough you know the course .

No Excuses!!!

We love you!!

Let's rock!!!

Drew, Maddy, Gretchen, & Salida

1 comment:

stacy said...

i hope my name isn't on that list:)

hope you are having fun and that Bill is making you laugh a little. i hope you don't even open that medical kit.

i swam 1,555 yrds yesterday-almost fun!

Go Get'em Leslie,