Monday, September 23, 2013

Off to Italy for the DecaIronman

Hi Ya’ll:

I am off to Italy tomorrow to take another run at the DecaIronman.  My race officially starts on Saturday at 7:30am Italy time (many of my crazy friends are out there warming the course up for me now in a 30 day attempt).

If you are curious, you can find results at:
·         http://andrewholton.blogspot.com/ (look at the twitter feed on the right hand side…  Melinda (my crew) will be posting sometime in the morning and then at the end of each day)
·         Directly on twitter with @leslieholton
·         http://tripledecaironman.myblog.it/ (the race’s blog site)
·         http://usaultratri.com/ (Steve is compiling the race results in a spreadsheet… this may be a day or so behind as it is information he is getting from a variety of facebook sources)
Deep breath!

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Melinda Henne said...

Can't wait. I'll be learning how to use Twitter. :)